The Model Railroading Live team help to drive these live shows, to spread the word, and support modelers. Many people participate and as these numbers have grown a simple etiquette is followed for the live shows and chats posted on Model Railroading Live community resources.

Below is a simple guide for participating in any Model Railroading Live chat event:

  • Remember, your in a chat with others.
  • Always keep the conversation G Rated.
  • Refrain from political, religious, or controversial based conversations.
  • When not speaking, please mute your microphone.
  • Keep the hangout fun and on modeling subjects.
  • Try not to monopolize speaking time, and remember this is for us ALL to share our modeling and in this social medium. Allow others to input, share, and/or ask question.
  • If you have your camera on, please be presentable – remember others can see you!

Following these simple etiquette's will keep these chats fun, and most of all, suitable for everyone to join! We hope to meet you in a chat in the near future if you don’t already participate! If you have any questions on this subject, feel free to ask any one of the Model Railroading Live team or moderators to help join in the fun on the Model Railroading Live Chat.