Aug 08 2020


9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Railroad Empires: How We’re Building Them: Episode 8: Structures & Scene Composition

Model Railroading Live’s, Railroad Empires: How We’re Building Them is a bi-weekly live video production hosted by Robert Holiman, Andy Crawford, Lloyd Hensley, and Timothy Wayman along with occasional guests.

Geared toward current layout builders or those armchair modelers preparing to begin building or looking for the inspiration to jump in. Taking a largely hands on, “camera’s over the shoulder” format, you’ll see our hosts as they construct their layouts, discuss the choices they’ve made, and respond to the live chat Q&A. Presented bi-weekly, every other Saturday for the series run, a common topic will be defined, taking you from concept to final detail over the series. With discussions, plans, pictures, live video, guests, etc., each step of constructing a layout will be presented and discussed, in Railroad Empires: How We’re Building Them.

When building a layout, of course there are many choices, and our Railroad Empires series does not seek to tell you how YOU should build your layout, it is YOUR layout, but to showcase the variety of techniques, processes, and choices our hosts have chosen. You are able to watch live and join the live chat, to challenge our hosts on their choices or ask questions of your own. Our hosts will present A way or THEIR way(s) of approaching a task. We at Model Railroading Live strongly believe there are perhaps many right ways to do virtually everything, you must discover the right way for YOU. There are perhaps some wrong directions as well, and our hosts would like to share with you what has worked for them and sometimes what they found did not. Our hosts will provide some of those ways for you to consider.

While watching live you may follow and participate in the chat to comment, ask questions of show participants, or just watch with your fellow modelers. Please join us on this Model Railroading Live’s, Railroad Empires: How We’re Building Them series.

Join us on the Model Railroading Live’s live video stream or watch later from our YouTube Railroad Empires playlist.

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