Andy Crawford


Information Technology (IT) Director for Model Railroading Live

Andy is an HO scale modeler, who has a penchant for large steam locomotives and for the pursuit of a highly faithful recreation of a real place and time.

Andy has recently updated his layouts era from late steam of 1950, updating to represent the post merger period of the eastern roads, Norfolk Southern and CSX Transportation, focusing operations primarily on the Norfolk Southern. His current layout depicts a small section, some 24 total miles of the Clinch Valley District of the famous Pocahontas Division of the N&W. His attention to detail and capturing all the components that made possible the innovation in our world that railroads were in the first half of the 20th century have him hand building all track from individual components, including all tie plates, fish plates, and associated hardware. While Andy is the first to admit it's not for everyone, it's a joy to see the results of his labor and passion for this hobby. Being an Appalachian modeler, trees are another serious issue. He has said, if you can't get trees right, modeling this location, then everything else is insignificant. That just shows the level of attention, commitment, and self scrutiny he applies to his modeling and recreation efforts.

However, and Andy wanted to insure I put this in here...  So; "I may apply a lot of scrutiny to my own modeling, I'm just as interested in seeing the works of and discussing modelers who don't see the necessity to apply the same or who have different goals. In the end, this is a hobby, it is your entertainment, if, in the end, you ARE entertained, you ARE a success! Full stop, that's the only measuring stick that matters, are YOU happy with your results? Then enjoy it, and model on."

Andy shows some of his projects with his fellow hosts and guests monthly on Model Railroading Live's The Build Show as well as participating in many other Model Railroading Live video productions and live shows. Andy was educated as an Electrical Engineer and now works in the IT profession and is a partner with his company. He adds his talents and experience to our team to assist in any capacity, however his technology experience makes him another of our invaluable team.