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The Model Railroading Live team all share in Model Railroading and share with the Model Railroad Community all things Model Railroading. We are a selfless service non-profit group sharing Model Railroad resources that include nightly live chats, weekly live shows with chat. We also encourage all Model Railroad Modelers to participate in our nightly live chats where we assist new modelers and discuss Model Railroading with anyone who likes to discuss Model Railroad topics in a webcam based discussion. Our hope is to inspire individuals to share their Model Railroading experiences through YouTube, Facebook, and other internet and social media resources.

Current Series Shows

Johnny's Model Train Talk

Who's Big Bill Talking To Now?

The Build Show

Joe's Train Room

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Live Shows with Chat / Nightly Live Chats

Model Railroading Live's live shows and nightly chats have been designed by and produced by your Model Railroading Live Team to deliver specific moderated live shows and nightly chats. Currently Model Railroading Live delivers to the public each week two nights of fun filled Model Railroading.

All live shows are recorded and posted on Model Railroading Live YouTube page.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights are our "Live Shows with Chat", a topic driven live show where we invite guests to discuss specific topics including but not limited to track laying, model building, structure building, scenery, DCC, Wiring and many other things Model Railroad related.

On Thursday evening's is our General live show “Johnny's Model Train Talk”, this show is moderated and will retain the model railroad topic all evening.

Many other interactive video meetings are available throughout the week that are generally moderated by the group and can cover all sorts of things Model Railroad related or not.

Come Join Model Railroading Live in our weekly live shows and nightly chats, we want to see you there and participate!

What are Nightly Chats? Nightly chats are really nothing more than a conference room for many to come and sit to discuss model railroading. Using your webcam, you can join in these discussion right from your living room or office! Many come to the nightly live chats to ask questions, watch many build there layouts live, discuss topics related to model railroading.

To participate, all you need is a webcam and some time, check the YouTube and Facebook pages regularly for any posted. YouTube Model Builders puts out each week a recorded "live show". All of this can be found through our Model Railroading Live YouTube and Facebook pages.

Please see our schedule for upcoming live shows or join us in our daily video meets.